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WebPOS: Get online so your customers don't have to stand in-line.

Get online in minutes.
Perfect for Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries, Take-Aways & Mobile catering businesses.

Receive orders, even when you're not there.
The unique 'multi-channel' order system allows you to receive orders via the web, email, even SMS so you never miss a customer.

Australia's only Mobile compatible ordering system.
Like you, your customers are always on the go. WebPOS works flawlessly on mobile devices like the iPhone & BlackBerry so they can reach you anytime, anywhere.

On-Demand system for carefree convenience.
WebPOS is available online which means no downloading, no hassles and no downtime.

It's all in your control.
Adding a new item to the menu? Changing a price? Want to run a special? It's all a piece of cake with the intuitive CMS (editing system).